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  • Overall rating
    9.4 /10
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    9.4 /10
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    9.3 /10
  • Product selection
    9.5 /10
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    9.4 /10
  • Product availability
    9.6 /10
  • Prices relative to other online retailers
    8.8 /10
  • Design of site
    9.3 /10
  • Shipping charges
    7.7 /10
  • Variety of shipping options
    9.0 /10
  • Charges stated clearly
    9.3 /10
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  • Order tracking
    9.3 /10
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    9.4 /10
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    9.1 /10
  • Product met expectations
    9.6 /10
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Customer reviews for

  • 9/10 Review by: marps

    Excellent website with plenty of good suggestions made when I was looking for gift ideas.

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  • 9/10 Review by: jezza

    excellent site would recommend to all whisky lovers

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  • 7/10 Review by: AmS

    Great site. Looking forward to my order delivery.

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  • 9/10 Review by: tapan

    i have always had good service from The Whisky Exchange -- even when the local post office caught fire in Netheravon!

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    I have used them before and always had a good service -- even once when a delivery got involved in a village Post office fire!!!!!!!

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  • 10/10 Review by: Vitaly

    really easy, clear, transparent and excellently presented options. This is my first and for sure many of the order to come.

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  • 10/10 Review by: Toni

    It seemed a reliable site to order from and I was pleased to read comments on the (expensive for me!) whisky. I was told Macallans is a very good whisky and as it is for my son's 50th birthday it was important to choose wisely from a reliable company.

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  • 10/10 Review by: Bdubya

    Excellent online shop that is extremely well respected. Have bought numerous items and always been happy.

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    My purchase included Macallan Ruby, Tomatin 21, box of 6 Glencairn whisky glasses. Whiskies were exceptional and Glencairn glasses are a favourite of mine. I had a very annoying experience though, although this wasn't the fault of The Whisky Exchange. Although the address was clearly marked on the boxes and I paid to have my packages by 10am, by 12 I had a text message informing me no one was home so I have to rearrange delivery and that a note was put through my door.. Not true at all as I had been in all morning waiting. No delivery van, no note through my door, no package. I contacted Royal Mail and eventually I got the package redelivered that day, although as a result of this incompetence I had to cancel some important appointments and this has cost me. I greatly respect the staff at Whisky Exchange but I would ask they review how boxes are labelled just to see if there is a way to make post codes even more obvious (larger?) so courier will be less likely to make mistakes. Once I unwrapped my products I was back to being happy again and amazed by what fantastic choices they turned out to be. Am looking forward to my next purchases but will feel wary that Royal Mail pulls another fast one.

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  • 10/10 Review by: Allison

    I have always had good service and their site is easy to use

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    Great service, good company to do business with you

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  • 10/10 Review by: Verified customer

    Great buying from you.

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  • 10/10 Review by: aggievic07

    There are only two complaints I have after purchasing from the whisky exchange. First when placing my order for a US address, I entered my PO Box address for delivery. I was not made aware at that time that I am unable to do this, so now I am in the process of contacting customer service to correct this and give an address acceptable for delivery. I understand the reason behind not delivering to PO Box address, I just wish there had been some type of note or notification informing me of this. My second complaint would be that at the time of my purchase, it did not let me know approximately how long it would take to get to its destination. I understand I can track my order, etc. but it would have been nice not to have to look for this information and instead be presented with it at the time of purchase. Other than that at the website was nice looking and easy to use. As long as I receive my product in good shape without an extremely long wait I will be completely happy.

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  • 10/10 Review by: Butterscotchschnapps

    Fantastic website, so easy to deal with, no complications! Very well priced items! Easy payment method and validation fast! Deffinately will be recommending this site to others!

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  • 9/10 Review by: Verified customer

    As a regular customer I would expect to be valued with discounts and offers. I have spent more than 1300 in last 2 years with company.

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  • 10/10 Review by: emma

    Great over all. Just cost of delivery is a slight let down and Vat not added until end of billing

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  • 9/10 Review by: AJS

    Fantastic products, service and website. A five star experience.

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  • 10/10 Review by: blunder

    An easy site to use . good delivery service.

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  • 10/10 Review by: grecofilia

    I work from home and am available at any timy.

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  • 10/10 Review by: willie

    Very good service and good range of products.

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    Very good service and good range of products.

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  • 9/10 Review by: Bert

    Perfect shop for buying whisky

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    Everything was fine exept the final delivery (in the Netherlands). According to the order I had to sign for it. Cause I was not at home I filled out (on the order) that my neighbours would sign for the delivery. This never happened. The bottle with a value of a few hundred pounds was left at my frontdoor and nobody signed for it.

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  • 9/10 Review by: Roxy

    Used befor would use again

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  • 10/10 Review by: Andrew GC

    When I see a drink in a film or TV show that no one else stock - TWE stock it. Good prices, decent delivery costs and a perfect buying experience. Whiskies, Aquavits, name it. We will be back!

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    Best place to get quality drinks that are hard to get online.

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